Need help getting stuff from storage

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Need help getting stuff from storage

Post  rainbowmommie on Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:51 pm

My name is Casey Goodwin, and my family and myself recently had I move to a new state. My father in law is suffering from cancer and going through chemo. So we moved ere to help him. When we left we put everything we own in storage so that we could go back down and get it after we found a place to stay. We have gotten settled but have no money to get our things. We need help getting a uhaul and gas money to get it here. My husband works for a company that is shit down durin winter so we are living off of in employment until May, so that goes right to rent and bills. I have tree children and we all are sleeping in the floor and have nothing other than a computer a tv blankets and kitchen things. My kids are so sad because it has been about five months since thy have ha their things. Can anyone help us? It would take 600 dollars to get it here. I can give you my storage information and anything else to prove this. We just really need some help. I feel like such a failure

My Paypal and email address is
Anything you want to n ow just ask and I will do whatever it takes.


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