My wishes please read partly sad story

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My wishes please read partly sad story

Post  noahgirl on Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:05 am

I have a few wishes I'd like everyone to know about.
I'm trying to get more dvd's for my son for his portable dvd player as he loves watching that, barney, sesame street etc.
I'm also looking for a cat. I just lost my dog who we'd had for quite a while, she died unexpectedly. I'm looking for a kitten preferrably 6 months or younger. I'm looking to get the kitten in late may or early June.
I'll be living in Florida then so if anyone knows of any kittens I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm open to any short hair or curly hair or hairless cat who is good with other dogs and small children.
I'm also trying to get help getting a mac laptop. My current one is about to die and is very very old so I'd like to get something at least running lion or capable of running lion but otherwise I'm not to picky.
Any help would greatly be appreciated.
If anyone would like to help please email me at
Thank you.


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