Help my veteran wife

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Help my veteran wife

Post  walker56 on Sat Mar 31, 2012 10:40 pm

I am posting for my wife Roxane who is a veteran and member of American Legion Post 700. The past year, she has had 4 surgeries between the upper abdominal to lower abominal. Just recently, went to Cleveland Wade Park VA hospital for xrays on her right foot she injured while in the service. She will have surgery on it. Right now, she is going through physical therapy on her left shoulder. She has bursitis and tendenitis. Well she owes Dr. Raheed 60.00 co pay and she has no income only through me which retirement money isn't much. she needs to pay the 60.00 soon to avoid collection. If she can get help soon would help avoid collection. she tries hard on sites like these to make money , about 12 hours a day but getting offers to credit is a struggle for her as she isn't pro at it. So I hope this wish section will grant her this wish so she can relax from the computer for awhile. She served in the Air Force 12 years as a Crewchief on a C-130 and B-52. She is a member of American Legion and is active in helping other vets. I appreciate the help in this matter. I love her. I thank you for your support and God Bless!


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